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  1. enough

    • KK[əˋnʌf]
    • DJ[iˋnʌf]


    • adj.
    • n.
    • adv.
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    • 1. 足夠的,充足的 We have enough chairs for everyone. 我們有足夠的椅子讓大家坐。 I was fool enough to trust him. 我真傻,竟會信賴他。


    • 1. 足夠,充分[+to-v][(+for)] We earned enough to buy a new house. 我們掙的錢足夠買一幢新房子。 I've had enough, thank you. 我夠了,謝謝。


    • 1. 足夠地;充分地[+to-v] They cannot walk fast enough. 他們走得不夠快。 I'm old enough to handle my own affairs. 我已經長大了,可以處理我自己的事情。
    • 2. 很,十分
    • 3. 相當地,尚 The situation is serious enough. 情況相當嚴重。


    a. 足夠的,充足的


    「a. 足夠的,充足的」的反義字

    • ph.
      有道理 All this is fair enough, but it is only one part of the story. 所有這些都不錯, 可是這不過是事情的一面。
    • ph.
      【舊】大概, 很可能
    • ph.
      說來也奇怪; 真是奇怪 She's lived in Spain for more than 10 years, but strangely enough she can't speak a word of Spanish. 她在西班牙已住了十多年, 但奇怪的是她西班牙語一句也不會講。
    • ph.
      非常正確; 令人滿意 I thought he was right enough in this point. 我認為在這一點上他非常正確。 The bed was right enough but the food was terrible. 床舖還令人滿意, 可是伙食太差。
    • ph.
      說也奇怪 Oddly enough, he didn't seem to remember his own birthday. 說也奇怪, 他似乎不記得自己的生日。
    • ph.
      (用以表示所發生的與預料的相符)果然如此; 果真 I said it would happen, and sure enough it did. 我說過要有這樣的事, 果然如此。 We said things would turn out well, and sure enough they did. 我們說過情況會好轉的, 果然如此。
    • ph.
      足以; 因為..., 所以能... Tom is old enough to go to school. 湯姆年紀大得足以上學了。 The work is easy enough for me to do. 這工作容易, 我會做。
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    • IPA[ɪˈnʌf]



    • adj.
      足夠的 is there enough coffee left? 剩下的咖啡夠嗎? I didn't get enough sleep 我睡眠不足
    • pron.
      足夠 he's had quite enough (to drink) 他已經喝得夠多的了 I can't eat enough of it 這東西我怎麼也吃不夠
    • adv.
      足夠地 the meat is not cooked enough 肉沒有熟透 before he was old enough to shave 在他未到刮鬍子的年齡時
    • 充足,夠,很多充足的,足夠,只夠做…的足夠