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  1. ensuing

    • IPA[ɪnˈsjuːɪŋ]



    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • 問一句英文

      1. die of - usually ensues a direct and specific cause or reason, such as flu, hunger.. (通常...stroke(可能是高血壓或因臟病引發的) die by- usually ensues an actual weapon or act of self-inflicted death, such...

    • 英文五題選擇題~

      ...several powers.(A. eluded B. contained C. ensued D. manipulated) 『解』A. eluded逃避 B...

    • 請幫忙修正這一句英文,好嗎? 謝謝 謝謝喔!給10點

      ...接著而來的最大衝擊就是,沒有醫院願意要讓他做住院醫師的訓練。 The ensuing big impact was no hospital (was) willing to accept him as...