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    • 請問insure ensure assure...的用法 that the festival will be open at Saturaday. ensure vt.確保 I`ll ensure you from his personality is straight. insure vt.可接受...保險 You could...

    • 英文單字ensure和insure的用法

      ...good night's sleep. 這藥將保證你一晚睡眠良好。 使安全,保護[Q][(+from/against)] These are safety devices to ensure workers against accidents. 這些安全設施是為了保護工人不出事故...

    • 請問這段英文 from 的翻譯方式

      ... you have the entire text? It would help to ensure that I am interpreting at the right direction... with water were not significantly different from nonsprayed controls. 噴灑了水的操縱裝置不比沒有...