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    • 一些英文…問問…

      ...提供 (指僅提供少數有限的服務) 4. ensure 確認 5.Therefore please ensure to finish for any affair怪怪的 我覺得Therefore please ensure to finish the urgent...

    • 中文翻英文~~(勿用翻譯機)感謝

      ... the motivation behind the achievement.Before we get couple I must ensure guarantee to your lifetime happiness. I wish you to live a heck and manger and give you...

    • translate to english

      為確保順暢的入住流程,當您抵達飯店時,請將您的飯店收據憑證或電子郵件的確認信出示給櫃檯工作人員。 ps.是translate to chinese吧?