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  1. enter into

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 開始 there's no need to enter into detail 沒必要討論細節
    • 2. 訂立 to enter into a deal with a firm 與某家公司達成一筆交易 to enter into an alliance 結成聯盟
    • 3. 體諒; 分享 to enter into the spirit of sth. 融入到某事物的樂趣中
    • 4. 牽涉進 to enter into the way sb. handles sth. 影響到某人處理某事物的方式 don't let personal feelings enter into it 別把個人感情摻雜到這件事中
  2. 知識+

    • enterinto的差別 (急!!)

      ...登錄; 將...輸入 (vi.) 1. 進入 2. 參加, 加入[(+for)] #Ex. I have to enter the meeting room before 2 o'clock. 中文:我必須在兩點前"進入"會議室 into (prep.) 1. (表示動作的方向)到...裡 2. (表示時間的推移)進入到 3. (表示變化...

    • Enter into administration

      某某公司 enters into administration某某公司介入(它公司的)經營 administration [U] management of public...

    • get in the spirit of things的意思

      enter/get into the spirit of something 盡情融入(一個社交活動) to show that you are happy to...hat!' 'Well, I thought I'd better enter into the spirit of things.' I'm afraid I was ...