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  1. enter into ... with

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    • 1. 開始某事 enter into negotiations with a business firm 開始與一公司協商 I dared not enter into conversation with him. 我未敢與他交談。
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    • 徵求英文高手

      Hi, 您好: 以下是我翻譯,請參考看看: Finally, when you enter into a relationship with someone, remember that you should not you should not expect to change that person. 最後...

    • 多益練習選擇題,跟文法有關?

      ...for 為什麼選(C)不選(D)? 因為連用字是into: A has entered into an agreement with B. If you enter into something such as an agreement, discussion, or relationship...

    • 英文短文翻中文~(很急!!)

      ...其他人的感受嗎? 或者她有著以自我為中心的本質(特質)? Finally,when you enter into a relationship with someone,remember that you should not expect TO change that person. 當你終於與某人...