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  1. enter into partnership with

    • ph.
      與...合夥; 與...合做生意
    • 釋義


    • 1. 與...合夥; 與...合做生意 They had entered into partnership with the company. 他們已與那家公司合夥。
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    • 請幫我改英文文法,謝謝

      Yesterday, I chatted with my colleague, a successful businessman, who promised to enter partnership with me.

    • 多益練習選擇題,跟文法有關?

      ...實習醫生。後者與上下文句意不符。 6. A subsidiary has entered ( ) a partnership agreement with another company. (A) in (B) to (C) into (D) for 為什麼選(C)不選(D)? 因為連用字是into...

    • 有關飯店的英文作文 20點

      ...become a global leader in the hospitality industry by entering into management agreements, licensing and through embracing partnerships with existing hotel companies. ...