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    entertain oneself with

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    • 請幫我中翻英好嗎(10點) not ignore me good You why so cruel do you know me to still entertain one in fine threads hope Or you really gave you up to want ...

    • 幾個英文片語麻煩各位幫我造句

      ...誇誇其談,自吹,舞文弄墨,博取別人的好感,做的太過份, spread onself to entertain sb大肆鋪張招待某人! 11. be beside with rage/joy 狂怒、狂喜

    • 英文翻譯!!!很急很急~~~~~~~~英文文學!!

      ...ethical purpose of stripping away vanity and affection,it is meant first of all to entertain.(試圖以摒棄虛榮心與情感的方式,來達成道德榮譽的標的,而這也就是表示信心...