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      ...battlefield again. = 但是我是有想過 甚至於試過(entertained)那想法(idea) 但是再也沒有覺得有需要(compelled...她家的財富是與她結婚的另人心動的理由 The wealth of her family is one of the ...

    • 英文作文「電腦與我的日常生活」

      ... on the net and exchange ideas with others. It also entertains me like I can watch movie in the computer, playing I also meet alot of friends thru computer...

    • 背新聞對話的技巧

      ... course. The guidelines:- (1)Check the purpose of the talk:-Is it to inform,to entertain or to persuade (2)Watch the topic (3)Collect your ideas get more infomation if you need to from teacher/students. (4)Be practical...