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    • 英文高手請進.20點

      演藝圈 entertainment circle 低潮期 at one's lowest moment 負債?元 under debt of $ 售票演唱會 sold concert 小兵立大功 strike big 天生我材必有用... eveyryone was born for something 2006-02-02 22:33:19 補充: 對不起, everyone 寫錯了

    • 請幫幫我看一下我寫的是否要修改,急需,謝謝!!

      ... and exaggeration have always been the characteristics of the entertainment news; however, over-exaggeration and inappropriate criticism are negative demonstration of journalism...

    • (急)請幫幫我修改英文文法~ is included in education, purification, and entertainment, and therefore we love fervently in the close art. The... to be more downcast, probably lead to form vicious circles. As a matter of fact, nobody will care about the artistic...