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    enthusiasm for labour

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    • 要面試~煩請英文達人幫忙翻譯幾個句子~贈20點

      ... how to deal with the management of labors and how to put right people into right... Hotel’s concierge for a year. 我具備良好的工作態度... have good work attitude and the enthusiasm for serving. 希望我的經驗...

    • 麻煩英文厲害的人幫忙翻譯一下英文自傳 履歷成中文

      ... find that experience to the division of labor is more important. 2010-03-07 16...補充: I have also set aside time for part-time off-campus services, earnest with the spirit, warm smile and enthusiasm is for guests only way...

    • translation needed

      在 1993 年,只要飄浮在水上的想法是好的或者壞的,只要它是天的狂熱或者狂熱,那裡有時來自 Faubourg 聖徒安托萬天然的軍團,有時英勇的樂團。 猛烈攻擊。 我們一定要解釋這一個字。那些的目標是什麼正在剛毛男人在造物主數天的革命大混亂方面,衣衫襤褸的﹐咆哮的﹐和...