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    • 關於buy和pay

      Visitors to the museum have to_____an entrance fee. (1) buy (2) pay 在這邊答案當然是2 你看一個... to the museum have to "pay" an entrance fee. 觀光客去博物館需要"付" 入場費. 這樣中英文...

    • 各種\”XX費\”的異同???

      ...收費) 例如:入場費 admission charge, admission fee,price of admission,entrance fee,entrance money. 2. fare :交通費用,車資 3. fee : 證照費用,或特殊專業服務(工程師...

    • 請問有誰知道〝pax〞是什麼意思??

      ...account - passengers need to pay for that. (自費項目) e.g. All entrance fees and meals during the tour will be at own pax account. ---> this means...