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  1. entry

    • IPA[ˈentri]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:entries

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 進入 to make an entry 進入 to gain entry to or into sth. 得以進入某處
    • 2. 上場
    • 3. 入口
    • 4. 進入權 entry by ticket only 憑票入內 entry (to sth.) is free (某處)免費進入
    • 5. 從事 entry into sth. 加入
    • 6. 登記
    • 7. 記錄 to make an entry of sth. 記錄某物 to make an entry in the log/one's diary 寫一條日誌/一則日記
    • 8. 入賬
    • 9. 條目
    • 10. 輸入
    • 11. 參賽 entry is open to everyone 人人均可參賽
    • 12. 參賽者 a late entry 新參賽的選手
    • 13. 參賽作品 one's entry for sth. 參加某競賽的作品
    • 14. 參賽人數


    1. an act of going or coming in

    2. a place of entrance, such as a door or lobby

    3. the right, means, or opportunity to enter a place or be a member of something

    4. an item written or printed in a diary, list, account book, or reference book

    5. the action of recording an item in a diary, list, etc.

    6. a person or thing competing in a race or competition


    「1. an act of going or coming in」的反義字

    「2. a place of entrance, such as a door or lobby」的反義字