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  1. envious of

    • ph.
      妒忌; 羨慕
    • 釋義


    • 1. 妒忌; 羨慕 Tom was envious of his brother's success in business. 湯姆羨慕(或妒忌)他哥哥事業上的成功。
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      ...句的,下面有分開的希望你能看得更懂!!^_^ 意思說 I am very envious of, some people's life and love, More envious of someone can easily get his...

    • 忌妒的英文

      ... a sweet boyfriend?" 我忌妒她! 為什麼她的男朋友這麼好? "I'm envious of his girlfriend! She can have all his attention to herself...

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      ... about the wrong doing of his friend. 4. Tom was envious of his friend's success in business. 5. 1cm is equal to 10 mm.