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    environment variable

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    • 修改段落(homosexuality)

      ... to become go for that kind of situation. Sometimes For the environment is variable and we could not prevent any incident in advance, so what we can do is to ...

    • 請幫我翻下列句子 20點

      查明故障 具體參見下文。 如果您發生其它問題, 可查閱看見常見問題解答( 這裡會提示在什麼地方可能變錯誤, 怎樣修復它。 如果您重新開動用不同的選擇配置, 在重建之前使用 "MAKE CLEAN"清除所有目標文件。不管你相不相信, "...

    • 請問這個句子要如何翻英文的句子?

      ...cognize to use sex two factors easily。For exterior variable.This research inquires into with three factors, such as system quality, content quality and environment interaction...etc.,Its research structure,such as ...