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    • 幾個句子請幫我翻譯成英文

      ...順序翻譯: 1.一場追逐... A scene of chasing one after another, 2.要靠什麼逃脫 how the one who was chased after will do to escape from? 3.一個陰謀... A well planned plot, 4.要用什麼破壞 people wait and gaze what you will do to destroy it. 5.就決定...

    • 有關Number the stars 這本書的問題?

      ...the common theories were that: 1. He was a righteous man. 2. He did a lot of business with Jews and did not see ...

    • 急~幫翻譯下面內容(英翻中)2

      ...年刑期. 她在聖地牙哥的一處監獄被關了三個星期, 接著被轉回距丈夫和孩子們2,000英哩的密西根, 據她所言, 在被捕前他們對她的過去並不知情. 但Susan...