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  1. escape the clutches of

    • break free from the control or grasp of
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    • break free from the control or grasp of

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    • 求英文翻譯高手~~~, I have to put you all awayNarrator: the women finally escape from the clutches of the fairy, but she was guilty because the victims were her...

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      她很快地抓取了來自喬治的皮夾的各種不同的信用卡和現金,以防萬一他將嗄嗄叫。她打高而慢的球他的一半-和她的建造良好手臂的赤裸身體進入她的提取的背面之內和搖擺尾翼而減緩飛行速度進入對於郡立醫院的日落之內。 可愛的夫婦在晚上在十一點鐘到達了醫院。 Ingrid...

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