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    • 本質上,實質上,基本上
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    • essentially bets 以及 be動詞 的運用

      ...補語) 不用轉換的話,希望您也能理解。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 essentially bets the carriers once made that jet fuel prices would...

    • 各為大大幫個忙急需要翻譯..

      ...含量是比牛肉、豬肉還有小牛肉還要低的。 But even fish and chicken contain essentially no fiber and no complex carbohydrates. 但是即便是魚肉和雞肉都無法提供...

    • 學術期刊paper的問題

      ...因素, democratic behavior and autocratic behavior, 民主行為和專制的行為, are essentially two sides of one dimension, 實質上是一個平面的兩面, involving...