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  1. estate tax

    • IPA[əsˈteɪt]


    • n.
      a tax levied on the net value of the estate of a deceased person before distribution to the heirs.
    • noun: estate tax, plural noun: estate taxes

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    • n.
      another term for inheritance tax

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • estate and gift taxes??

      遺產及贈與稅: 被繼承人死亡所遺留之全部財產,向納稅義務人課徵之稅捐。

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      ... $8.50 per square foot and they will pay expense recoveries for real estate taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance on a net basis. At the expiration of ...

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      ...營業稅法Sales Tax 土地稅法Land tax 遺產及贈與稅法 Estate and Gift Tax 以上供大家互勉,感恩。