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    • 1. 【網路】道德駭客(指試圖發現電腦系統安全弱點以便修補的人);白帽駭客 The person who hacked your website was an ethical hacker, so you don't have to worry about information leaking out. 侵入你們網站的駭客是沒有惡意及犯罪意圖的白帽駭客,所以你不用擔心資訊外洩。
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    • [ 英文 ] 英文文章翻譯

      In fact,hackers have an ethical belief:"Do no harm." 事實上,駭客們信守一個道德上"不傷害...

    • 請問 -ism 與 -activism 的區別

      ... is a powerful positive good - A belief that it is an ethical duty of hackers to share their expertise by writing free software and facilitating...