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  1. ethnic restaurant

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    • 餐飲類餐廳 英翻中

      ...如國外有名的 red lobster海鮮餐廳以賣海鮮為主跟我們的海產店不太一樣) 7. ethnic restaurant 異國餐廳 (如:埃及餐廳或是地中海風情的少見異國風味的餐廳) 8. Theme...

    • 急英翻中! 麻煩英文達人~20點

      ... set of locals, for whom they represent the equivalent of ethnic restaurants in the Western world (Ritzer 1993; Yunxiang 1996); but they...

    • 英文演講稿拓寫 20點

      題目: Aside from eating at an exotic restaurant, what are some other ways to experience a foreign country without ...