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  1. even

    • IPA[ˈēvən]


    • adj.
      flat and smooth;in the same plane or line; level
    • v.
      make or become even
    • adv.
      used to emphasize something surprising or extreme;used in comparisons for emphasis
    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • adj.
    • 1. flat and smooth:

      prepare the site, then lay an even bed of mortar

    • 2. in the same plane or line; level:

      run a file along the saw to make all of the teeth even with each other

    • 3. equal in number, amount, or value:

      an even gender balance among staff and students

    • 4. equally balanced:

      it's not an even fight

    • 5. (of two people) in a state of being equal with each other, having eliminated an imbalance or debt:

      just one more favor and we're even, OK?

    • 6. having little variation in quality; regular:

      they traveled at an even and leisurely pace

    • 7. (of a person's temper or disposition) equable; calm:

      a man of good humor and even temper

    • 8. (of a number, such as 2, 6, or 108) divisible by two without a remainder:

      a meter that reads only in even numbers

      any number doubled is even

    • 9. bearing an even number:

      headers can be placed on odd or even pages or both

    • 10. exactly equal to a round number; not having any fractions:

      the Dow Jones ended at an even 10,000

    • v.
    • 1. make or become even:

      she cut the hair again to even up the ends

      thereafter prices evened out

    • adv.
    • 1. used to emphasize something surprising or extreme:

      they have never even heard of the US

      they wore fur hats, even in summer

    • 2. used in comparisons for emphasis:

      he knows even less about it than I do

    • 3. used in questions to indicate confusion or exasperation:

      what is this whole thing even about?

      what even is bitcoin, anyway?

  2. 知識+

    • even的用法

      even 甚至 例句 1.I helped her find...身分證但她甚至沒說謝謝 2.It's npt difficult.Even a child can do it. 它不是困難的.甚至連小...要外出,電話鈴響了 It happened even as he had expected 事情正如他所料...

    • even if even though的用法區別?

      我另外加了一個even as 先來看 even 最基本的定義 even...what you are saying not even 就是 not + even ex: He never ...something else: He realized, even as he spoke, that no one would ever...

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      ...and stylish , and its various make it _____ more fascinating. (A)even (B)ever (C)even though(D)even if 這題更不懂? (B)? ...