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  1. even as

    • ph.
      at the very same time as
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    • ph.
      at the very same time as

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • even if even though的用法區別?

      我另外加了一個even as 先來看 even 最基本的定義 even - adv. used to emphasize...then it won’t be as good as the French system. even as - used to emphasize that something happens at the same moment...

    • even if 和 as if的文法

      ...quot;fireball", it would certainly provoke retaliation. 這裡的even if 為什麼後面是過去式呢? 答: 這不是過去時態喔, 而是...必須是would/should/could/might其中一個. 至於您標題中所提到的as if, 則是假設語氣的應用, 其後面beV一律用were...

    • Even though 和 as 放在同一個句子,怎麼解釋?

      his intention was good是主要子句 兩個附屬子句都是副詞性質的: even though the child messed up the kitchen是修飾主要子句述部的修飾語 as he tried to clean it是修飾前述附屬子句述部的修飾語 [Enen though...