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  1. even at the best of times

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    • 1. 即使在最好的情況下 He's difficult at the best of times -- usually he's impossible. 他即使在情緒最好的時候, 都很難相處--平常就更令人受不了了。
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    • 急急急 需要有英文高手大力幫忙

      ... additional funding was urgently needed to assist the people. Even at the best of times, tens of thousands of people are malnourished...

    • at the plan time和on schedule

      ...39;t mean the same, even thought in some case it can mean the same. Let... as "on time", and both mean...have arrived at the meeting... lots of obstacle. The..., it is better to use "at the...

    • 幫忙修改英文作文..拜託

      ... life. (She is the best friend of my life./She ... like her family, and even better than her...she inspires me at all time. We never forget each other...