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  1. even now

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    • 1. 甚至到現在

      Even now she won't believe me. 她甚至到現在還不相信我。

    • 2. 儘管如此

      I have explained again and again, but even now they don't understand. 我已解釋了一遍又一遍, 儘管如此, 他們還是不明白。

  2. 知識+

    • even if even though的用法區別?

      ...he should have known that what he was doing was wrong. even now - used for saying it is surprising that something still...

    • yet不是只能放句尾嗎?

      Yet yet = as yet, even now, until now, so far, thus far, still 做為副詞意為“尚未…,迄今...the best as yet.-------------------他是我見過最好的人 yet = even now肯定句多用於讓步語氣(不肯定的語氣)的句子當中You could...

    • 有關英文介係詞

      It is___7:15____Friday evening now._____ It is 7: 15 on Friday evening now. 使用at是...