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  1. even though

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      即使; 縱然; 儘管
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    • 1. 即使; 縱然; 儘管 Even though I were in his place, I would not go. 即使我在他的地位, 我也不願去。 Even though I have to walk all the way I'll get there. 即使我得一路走著去, 我也要走到那裡。


    即使; 縱然; 儘管

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    • 請問even though = though嗎?

      ...的不同。 even if = although = while = 即使 = 縱使 even though = although = whereas = 即使 = 雖然 though = although...句首,而是在句中使語氣有點轉折。 例句: Even though the injury was serious, she decided to...

    • even though的用法

      Even though有即使、就算的意思,在句首或句中都能用。 Even though you do not like...端看語氣是否有轉折,沒有定論。例句如下: He never apologizes, even though he knows that he is in the wrong. 他從不道歉, 即使他自知錯了...

    • even if even though的用法區別?

      ... a job even if she gets her A levels. even though- 1 used to emphasize that something is true although something else has...