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    even up with sb.

    • ph.
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    • 救命啊!有人可以幫我翻一下嗎?

      ... go to bookshop meet a foreigner with me strike up a conversation with sb., just start chating still can, after all know me individual...already taken on dismiss poorㄉ Condition, even want to with translate machine just travel, general speech know...

    • 請幫我把一段話中翻英。(不接受翻譯機的答案)

      ... to be, I'll back you up forever even if I can only do it in spirit, it is...always be 強調加強語氣 ■ 支持 的說法: back up, support, side with, not leave sb's side,be on sb's side....etc. 圖片...

    • 請英文達人幫忙~請把守英文翻成中文

      D 1.處理 2.奉獻 ...為 * 3.依靠 4.儘管 5.奉獻 ...對 6.從 B區分開來 7.區分 A和B * 8.這樣做損害 9.離不開(sth.) 10.由於 * E 11.最終 12.即使 13.除了 F 14.不 15.遠離 16.感覺 17.填寫 (...)出 18.在填寫 (...) * 19.填寫 (...)出 20.吹毛求疵的 21.找到...