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  1. evening prayer

    • n.
      a formal act of worship held in the evening.;(in the Anglican Church) the service of evensong.
    • noun: evening prayer, plural noun: evening prayers

  2. 知識+

    • Ashley knew that half the peop

      ...those who had would take it as a personal affront, if he insinuated, even in prayer, that so fine a man as Mr. O’hara had not gone straight...

    • 請問 strangely so 是什麼意思?

      ...情況下更加被彰顯!一個信仰上帝的人不去對他所受到的恩典(have had prayers answered)感到欣慰(卻感到莫名其妙),反而對自己沒有得到這樣的恩典來...

    • 部份句子看不懂,求解答

      ...嚴肅」。 Known for sobriety, they preferred a day marked by prayer and contemplation. 他們以 「莊重正經」 聞名,比較喜歡禱告和沉思的日子。