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  1. ever afterwards


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    • 1. 從此以後一直 The prince and the princess lived happily ever afterwards. 從此以後王子和公主就一直過著幸福的日子。
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      Typical symptoms(典型症狀) for cold include: a stuffy or runny nose(鼻塞/流鼻水), sneezing(打噴嚏), watery eyes(淚流不止), moderate fever(發燒), achiness(肌肉酸痛) or lethargy(無精打采), and often sore throat(喉嚨痛) or coughing(咳嗽). Homeopathic...

    • 請幫忙翻譯成英文--沒有朋友的小熊......

      ... Andy, “If you don’t take a bath, nobody will ever play with you.” Andy then understands and he takes a bath every day afterwards. No one push him out anymore. 2009-07-22 22:03:46 補充: 剛剛沒貼好...

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      ... Luo 勃 of the 茱莉飾 with virtuous receive the 穆隆尼飾 to have ever been a rightness of lovers, afterwards the love turned into thin from thick to become the friend, but the both ...