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  1. ever more

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      【文】越發地; 越來越
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    • 1. 【文】越發地; 越來越 She became ever more nervous as the interview continued. 她在面試過程中越來越緊張。
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    • even? ever?(怪怪.........)

      ...and "even": Technology in recent years has become ever more sophisticated. The deadline draws ever closer. ...

    • more than ever before 的中文意思

      more than ever before 意為 比以前曾有過的有更高的程度 例 1. My dear , I love you much more than ever before. 我親愛的,我比以前更愛你了。 2. Gee! the price of the gold...

    • more important than ever的文法

      That's why educational credentials are more important than ever. 那就是為什麼現在教育證書比起從前來得重要的原因了 這個ever是副詞, 可解釋為...