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  1. ever since

    • ph.
      throughout the period since
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    • ever since用法

      ..., but his graduation present was destroyed. Ever since then, Jim has not driven after drink. Ever since then...

    • ever since用法 "ever since" 的文法有兩個: (1) since 當時間副詞,ever...小的時候,我就認識她了。) 這時候的連接詞 "ever since",就不能像副詞用法一樣有很多擺法。最多就...

    • 英文中的 ever since

      兩句都可加可不加 since 是自何時開始的意思, ever since主要是用在加強這個語意 如果要翻譯, 嚴格來說, 我... have traveled to many places ever since I came to Taiwan. -從我一到...