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    • sometimes 可以其他字眼代替嗎 a while 5.from time to time and on some cases 8.every so often 9.every now and then whiles. 參考例句~ Though he is a good...

    • the word of some question

      *from time to time = at times = once in a while = (every) now and then = every so often = occasionally = sometimes = 有時.偶爾 *so far = 到此(程度)為止(to such a distance) = 直到現在.至今(up to now / until now) 希望有幫到你~

    • 關於英文 哪邊有錯誤?, surf on the internet, see movies and read some books. I am good at sports. Every now and then I like go to play basketball with my ...