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    every once in a while

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    • Every once in a while?

      Once in a whileEvery once in a while都是"偶爾" 沒有時常的意思喔! while...一句相同意思,只是更讓人覺得這個once和下一個once間ㄉwhile還蠻久ㄉ說,有這個once後,下一個once間ㄉwhile...

    • 英文練習題

      ...roughly speaking turn on rake oneˋs place every once in a while 1.Stella usually stays at home...fall)__ 3.What did the man become in the end of the story ? ( a king ) →__ The man became a king...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯這篇文章!!急

      ...don't mind me sitting in front of their screens every once in a while). 每當我跟別人解釋為什麼我家沒有電視, 我告訴他們, 我並不是在評論其他人...