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  1. every time

    • ph.
      每次; 總是
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    • ph.
    • 1. 每次; 總是

      Our table tennis team wins every time. 我們兵乓球隊每戰必勝。

      Every time I meet him, he tries to borrow books from me. 每當我遇到他時, 他總是向我借書。


    每次; 總是

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    • everytime和every time用法有什麼不同

      Every time” is always two separate words. 2006-08-14 17:36:08 補充: “...most comfortable in my everyday clothes.” 當變成副詞時就要分開成“every day”“I take a shower everyday.”(錯誤)“I take a shower every day...

    • every single time

      意思上沒有不一樣, 只是加了single後, 更加重語氣. 類似的用法有:every single time = every time [每一次]every single day = every day [每一天]every single moment = every moment [每...

    • Every time 用法

      沒有everytime 一定是兩個字 Every Time Every= 每一 Not every person likes to run. Every...