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    • 1. 各行各業 The 1 million crowd protesting in front of the Presidential Office is made up of people from every walk of life. 在總統府前示威的百萬群眾來自各行各業。
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    • 幾題英文慣用語和英文翻譯題(20點)

      ...通常用複數形,因此all walks of life便是「各行各業」的意思,也可以說every walk of life。 例句:The mayor invited people from all walks of life to...

    • 請問誰會英文翻譯?考試需要的(20點) (1)

      1.He is beloved of men in every walk of life.There are few but think him companionable...房子中。 5.They can understand and appreciate more of what they read. 他們可以理解並且加以領會他們所閱讀...

    • 英文問題和答案

      ...time is certainly important for people . in every walk of life, . we keep it for the coming carear. 當然時光...時間就是生命. 2011-11-18 21:13:37 補充: every walk of life 各行各業 2011-11-22 07:18:42 補充: .they must...