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    • 請問come down這個片語的意思

      ...及物動詞有 "使",不及物動詞則無。 例句:Be cool or calm down. Everything will be fine. 冷靜一點,一切都會沒問題。 2006-07-17 19:48:33 補充: 因為 come down...

    • 請問SOME FINE DAY中文意思

      ...we'll let our wake-up call be the sun, be the sun 明天開始讓太陽...fine day 某天 某個美好一天 we will all sing 我們會一起高歌 some day...對錯拋開吧! 開始學著原諒 and do everything, everything in the name of the ...

    • 請問一段希臘故事英文And so the amazing

      ...heat will melt your wings. Make sure to follow me, and everything will be fine."The next morning, Daedalus flew a safe path between...