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  1. everyway

    • KK[ˋɛvrɪ͵we]
    • DJ[ˋevri͵wei]


    • adv.
    • 更多解釋
    • 無論怎樣看法,任從那一方面來看

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  2. 知識+

    • 請幫我把中文翻譯成英文!!(急!!)

      Smile Everyway you are become the reason that I smile you smile, I smile I smile because of you and you? Would you smile because of me?

    • 誰知道更多奇特拆解的單字?20點

      ... Are Really Rested In A Gamble Everyway. 其他的我有空想想再跟你說吧

    • 請問英文的複合字

      ...anywhere ‧anywhither ‧anywise ‧everyday ‧everybody ‧everyone ‧everywhere ‧everyplace ‧everything ‧everyway ‧everywhen ‧everywhither ‧however ‧therefore ‧moreover ‧honeymoon ‧honeymouthed ‧honeybee...