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    • mounting evidence 是什麼?

      mounting evidence 越來越多的證據 Mounting evidence suggests an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. 越來越多的證據指出一天一顆蘋果,自然健康不用看醫生 If something mounts,it increases in quantity.

    • evidence-based instruction的中文

      instruction: advice on how to do something or ask you to do something evidence-based 根據事實(證據) 根據經驗的指導,經驗談之類的

    • 求助翻譯和選填單字 有關 測謊機之ㄧ段文 (10P)

      ...] to speak seriously about something, especially in a court of law; to give or provide evidence 中文是 "作證"、"證明" 的意思,與您所要的 "保證",根本...