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    evil fate

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    • 誰能幫我翻這些字的英文跟日文?

      1.惡魔=あくま     demon2.惡運=あくうん   evil fate 3.花=はな         flower4.騎士=きし       knight5.煩腦 はんのう    bother

    • 英文高手請幫助我回答問題拜託奉上二十分( 可以再加分

      ...repeat itself? Can anything promise love and forgiveness can ever alter human fate but not their after-life instead? A real spiritual worldview exists...

    • 約伯 英文翻譯

      .... In form the work is a drama of the tragic struggle between man and fate. Its central theme is the problem of evil: how it can be that the righteous suffer while the eyes of the wicked stand out with...