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  1. evil winds


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    • 廟小妖風大還是島小妖風大?

      ...大大這題著實不簡單,我來鬧鬧笑話好了。A small temple can attract/draw big evil winds, a shallow pond may foster many tortoisesA samll island/country is ...

    • 英文翻中文~急!急!急! feared than a wild beast: a wild beast may would your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. 壞的朋友比野獸還可怕: 野獸只會攻擊你的身體, 但壞的朋友...

    • 這幾個字的英解~集~15點

      ... distance or more distant point storm-暴風雨-a violent weather condition with strong wind, rain and often lighting chase-追趕-to follow rapidly in order...