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  1. evil-doing

    • 作惡
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    • Not to do any evil, TO culti

      勿做任何壞事, 努力培養善心, 努力使自己的心靈純淨, 這就是佛陀的訓誡。 2005-07-11 15:45:34 補充: 是的,英文要進步可以多讀文章, 多查字典,這樣自然就會進步了

    • It`s what I do 英文成語?

      ...Do "People talk too much about moral and immoral, right and wrong, good and evil. I do what I do, I k-k-kill. It is simply my nature...

    • 請幫我翻這一段英文

      ... how people come, the story also tells us that people really can not do Tai evil, or do something to help other people behaved better, because when we do...