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  1. ex-husband

    • n.
      a man to whom someone was formerly married, from whom they are now divorced.
    • noun: ex-husband, plural noun: ex-husbands

  2. 知識+

    • 英文短句翻譯 英翻中

      My ex husband has been over from (from) Australia and we get on as well as a fart, in a silent...on = get along = 相處(verb) 2. as well as a fart = 就像臭屁一樣好 3. ex = 前(夫,妻,男友,女友), ex husband = 前夫

    • EX, 到底是從何而來

      In Latin: "Ex" ante "From before" — "beforehand", "before the event", i.e., based on prior assumptions. 就醬子。

    • madtv台詞---5秒

      Hi, Who put up a picture of my ex-husband's limp thingy, that's just as fool. 嗨,誰擺出了我前夫那跟軟扒趴東西的相片,那真的有夠傻. 希望有幫助