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    • 幫解一題托福文法

      ... is the third largest island in the world, which is exceeded in size only by New Guinea and Greenland. 形容詞子句 which...

    • 可以幫我把這段翻成英文嗎???高手幫幫忙

      ...beloved female, although the mighty waves continued unceasingly.But, exceeds others in ability? Attack the criminal is his mission,the body for ...

    • 翻譯兩句類似詩的英文 20點喔!!

      The gift of a quiet mind is greater than all other gifts ; the flavour of this peace exceeds everything in its sweetness 享有平和的心靈,比任何禮物來的貴重; 這份平靜的滋味,勝過任何甜美的事物。