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    • 1. 除了...以外 The composition is quite good except for the spelling. 這篇文章除了拼寫以外, 其他都不錯。
    • 2. 要不是由於 I would go to the party with you except for my broken leg. 要不是因為我腿斷了, 我想與你一起去參加聚會。
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    • 關於英文except 的用法

      ecept 除…之外 (also except for) 1、介詞 Everyone has gone to the beach.... (在打女子沙灘排球賽時,除了我,大家都穿著比基尼。) except for :(用於所言不包括的人或事物前)除…之外。 I had...

    • except英文用法

      1. I guess you meant to ask the difference between "except for" and "except that". "Except for" is followed...

    • except for和 in addition to兩者用法

      Except for 是除了 In addition to 是另外 1. Except for John, everyone...