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  1. exchange contracts

    • ph.
      (of a buyer) sign a legal contract with the vendor of a property or piece of land, making the purchase legally binding and enforceable
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    • [中文]急~Devil是什麼意思??

      if I can exchange the contract with you 如果我可以和你交換這個契約 than I can be invincible 我就可以...

    • 拜託~~幫幫忙英文翻中文

      假如我可以和你交換合約 那麼我就能是無往而不勝的 但有一天我將擊敗你 從現在起你應該要小心 我的力量將會征服你所製造出的恐懼 你的靈魂將漸漸歸屬於我 原因是我是個真正的惡魔

    • 請問下段英文該如何翻譯?真正的涵義是什麼呢?

      ...至授權之銀行,採電匯方式。 And proposes the electricty bill of exchange confirmation. This contract will be effective in one month from the geginning day. Signing and attorney testimony...