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  1. exchanging

    • exchange的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • language exchange

      When you have had a language exchange with a foreigner(usa) not knowing Chnese... since you're in "Language Exchange"? talk and tell and use your voice in "...

    • exchange及change如何使用?

      exchange通常是指對等的交換 所以你如果去買東西要換貨的話就需要用exchange. Ex: I'd like to make an exchange. 或 I'd like to exchange this...

    • 英文interchange跟exchange有何不同

      ...這個詞但是要換用團隊這個詞也可以) 通常跟別人換東西你不會用到 interchange exchange 是像說 你跟別人換東西 舉例說: I'll exchange my toy for your...