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  1. excitements

    • excitement的名詞複數
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    • I feel excitement for the news

      ... about the news. 2008-03-04 15:57:57 補充: Excitement 的例句: His face was flushed with...例句: There is nothing I can feel excitement for. 這沒什麼值得我好興奮的。 I always feel...

    • excitement turning

      ... just been a waste of my time and "excitement turning" in every week. Ellie, 請確定...just been a waste of my time and (a matter of) excitement turning into disappointment every week. 2014-05-06 13...

    • excitement刺激的因素[C].....C??

      excitement 1.[U]興奮 激動 The news caused great excitement in the family. 那消息引起家裡很大的興奮 In her excitement, she tripped and fell. 再興奮中 他絆倒了 2.[C]刺激物...