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    • 請協助以下5句的英翻中譯

      【1】traty應為treaty 1997年12月,聯合國於日本京都召開的全球暖化高峰會,超過150個國家的代表通過了限制二氧化碳、甲烷、氮氧化物(一氧化二氮)、氫氟碳化合物、以及六氟化硫的協定,需要在2012年前將這些氣體的排放降低到比1990還低5%的標準,這就是所謂的『京都議定書』。參與國中...

    • about ”The Crucible”

      ...can proove she is faking by wiping them. 8, ...4? A. They were executed for the crime of practicing witchcraft... did they decide not to hang Elizabeth? A. because...

    • ”The Crucible” 知道的人請幫一下 20點

      ...of the play, we see that he is deeply haunted by the affair, but he keeps his head up about it...wife has become pregnant, and therefore she will not be hanged. In the end, John is hanged...