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    • 1. 免除 Poor eyesight exempted him from military service. 由於視力不佳,他免服兵役。
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    • 請問”免役”的英文翻譯是..??

      be exempt from + N 有"免除某種責任或義務"的意思(exempt 為形容詞)所以"免(兵)役"就可以說:be exempt from military service名詞為:exemption from military service

    • BBC 英文求譯

      ... should not do more than 46 hours of overtime a month, some could be exempted from this if they agree to it. 雖然台灣的勞工法令規定勞工每月不應加班逾46小時...

    • 中文翻譯成英文(20)

      ... besides studying. I am not exempted from this rule, and my extracurricular activity is...upgrade my equipments, such as the bat, from $800 each to $1800 each, and the hitting glove...