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  1. exotic dancer


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    • 脫衣舞孃怎麼說?

      ...所以: stripper 比較適合,且我再抹一 本書上見過這個字的確是再說脫衣舞孃! exotic dancer 比較偏向真正的舞者且舞孃是較具中東色彩的國家對舞者的稱謂,所以exotic dancer...

    • 請問英文Get A Mango有沒有特別意思?

      ...comedy show Saturday Night Live. Mango was an exotic dancer who was sexually ambiguous (but ultimately male). He would always wear tight lam...

    • 煩請高手修改英文敘事文,二十點! (急)

      ...proud of it. I very impressed. Finally, they wore exotic costumes and really did a wonderful performance. 2010-01-03 23:02:12...